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Whether you’re new to boating or looking for a new way to connect with the water, Mercury Avator electric outboards are designed so anyone can take the helm with confidence.

Zuverlässige, effiziente Power

Reliable, Efficient Power

Industry-first transverse flux motor technology generates high torque with little effort, maximizing battery life to extend your range while providing quick acceleration and efficient performance.

Modernste Batterietechnologie

Advanced Battery Technology

Engineered exclusively for marine duty, Avator lithium-ion batteries are safe, efficient power sources that keep your adventures moving. Modular and portable designs let you bring along the power you need.

Choisissez votre charge

Choose Your Charge

Multpile chargers are available so you can select the charge time to meet your needs. They constantly monitor voltage and current to deliver a safe, effective charge on a standard household outlet.

Intelligente Displays

Intelligent Displays

Vivid full-colour displays provide all the information you need to enjoy your adventures, including range estimates and an up-to-the-second battery life meter.

Mercury Marine App

Mercury Marine App

A SmartCraft® Connect module wirelessly connects the outboard to the Mercury Marine app, providing access to a GPS map with range estimates, performance data and more. Module available for 7.5e; pre-installed on 20e and 35e.

Hoch effizienter Propeller

High-Efficiency Prop

The hydrodynamic lower unit and durable, ultra-efficient prop were made to move. They effortlessly carve through the water, maximizing runtime for maximum fun.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CLICK HERE  Mercury Avator Electric Outboards | Mercury Marine

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