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Kewene Anchor Range

The Kewene Anchor’s unique design allows you to fix the shackle at the end of the shaft when you are anchoring in a sandy sea bottom or to have the shackle running up and down the shaft so that you can reverse the boat when the anchor is stuck in fowl or rocky sea bottom. Anchor Sizing •No 1 1.75kgs Boats up to 3mtrs •No 1a 2.25kgs Boats up to 4.3mtrs •No 1b 3kgs Boats up to 5mtrs •No 2 3.75kgs Boats up to 6mtrs •No 2a 5.5kgs Boats up to 7mtrs •No 3 8.5kgs Boats up to 10mrs •No 4 12.2kgs Boats up to 13mts •No 5 16.5kgs Boats up to 16mtrs

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